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Architecture is the most substantial and most widely spreaded form of culture worldwide. Habitation is besides clothes and food one of the essential needs of menkind. We know the Lagerfelds and Guccis of this world,  everyday we read names of Pizza producers and Burger stores . There are famous actors and musicians, sports stars and even car companies. But who - except he is practitioner - knows just one name of a famous building's  architect, Chrysler-Building in New York City for example or the epochal Munich Olympic stadium? Or at least one stadium of the last FIFA world championship? Who knows the architect that reconstructed the Berlin Reichstag? Who designes the shopping malls, cathedrals or museums around the globe, in which we spend our freetime and which we regard as marvels? Do you know one famous architect at least?
arcTourLIVE helps you to keep one or two names in mind. Wether you want to boast with your knowledge amongst friends and colleagues or wether you might know the right answer in a TV-quizshow one fine day - the benefit is as useful as to know the brand of a perfume or sports shoes. 

But what would it cost, not to forget the creatives and their teams that are responsible for breathtaking and inspiring architecture? Like you do with Picasso, Renoir, Warhol or Rembrandt, you can link excellent works with distinguished architects. If you got copies (or originals) of a Kandinsky or Chagall at home, why not hanging a poster of a Zaha Hadid building, a Santiago Calatrava or Frank Gehry besides it? Here you can find some ideas - starting right on the doorstep in Cologne, you can proceed to other regions and countries.

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List of all architects who were designing in the Rhineauharbour : 

Cape at southwharfKSP Jürgen
- Silo23- "Siebengebirge"
seven mountains)
ksg architektenkister scheithauer
Bernd Hellriegel
BRT - Bothe Richter
Bernd Oxen
+ Römer & Partner
- cranehouse south
- cranehouse 1
- cranehouse north
BRT - Bothe Richter Teherani
Mit-Urheber* A. Linster

keine Webseite
The BenchBahl &
Hall 12Molestina
Hall 11
JSWD ArchitektenJaspert-Jaspert-Steffens-
German Sports- & Olympic MuseumWalter von Lom
Chocolate-MuseumEller &
Hanspeter Kottmair
- Pier 15- field 6
(under construction)
Römer & Partner
- field 10
- Kontor 19
- Harbourdepartment
- Bayentower    restauration
Gatermann + Schossig
field 21 (Janushead)Prof.
Nalbach +
Rheinau Art Office (MS)
Freigeber Architekten + Stephan Schütt
free zone planning
FSW Landschafts-architekten - Ferner, Steinhauer,

italics = restorations- or annex-buildings
These sites are mainly in German. Most offer their sites in English too, watch the button!


The Pritzker Prize is some kind of "Nobelprize" for architecture. Since 1979 it honours once a year outstanding architects in the lifetime. In 1986 as the only German architect until now Gottfried Böhm from Cologne became laureate of this probably most significant award.

2.1 Pritzker laureates buildings in and around Cologne:

Norman Foster
Gerling-Carée - Friesenpl./ Hohenzollernring
50670 Koeln  
Renzo Piano
Peek & Cloppenburg warehouse "Weltstadthaus"Schildergasse 65-67
50667 Koeln
Jean Nouvel
KölnTower in the Mediapark
Im Mediapark 8
50670 Koeln
Peter ZumthorKolumba - Museum
of the archdiocese
Kolumbastr. 4
50667 Koeln
Peter ZumthorBruder-Klaus chapell
53984 Mechernich-Wachendorf (Kreis Eusk.)
Gottfried BöhmSt. Kolumba Chapell
Kolumbastr. 4
50667 Koeln
& Elisabeth Böhm
Breite Str. 6-26
50667 Koeln
Gottfried Böhm
Rathaus Bensberg
Cityhall Bensberg
Engelbertstr. /Burggraben   
51429 Berg.-Gladb. Bensberg
Gottfried Böhm
Herz Jesu Pfarrkirche(church heart jesus) 
Altenberger-Dom Str. 140
51467 Bergisch-Gladbach Schildgen
Richard Meier
Hans-Arp-Allee 1
53424 Remagen
Richard MeierPeek & Cloppenburg
Berliner Allee 1
40212 Duesseldorf
Frank Gehry
Neuer Zollhof
40221 Duesseldorf
Fumihiko Maki
Maki Solitaire
40221 Duesseldorf
Tadao Ando
Langen Foundation
Raketenstation Hombroich 41472 Neuss
Hans Hollein
Municipal Museum
Abteistr. 27- 41061 Moenchengladbach



3. FURTHER ARCHITECTURE TIPS in and around Cologne
Not just Pritzker Prize laureates create unique and original architecture. Here you can find some further buildings worth to visit in and around Cologne:


Eberhard Zeidler
Masterplan Mediapark
Im Mediapark
50670 Köln
Eberhard Zeidler
Cinedom in Mediapark(multiplex cinema)Im Mediapark50670 Köln
Kaspar Kraemer
flood pump station Schönhauser StrasseSchönhauser Strasse
50968 Köln
Kaspar Kraemer
transformer station MediaparkIm Mediapark
50670 Köln
Paul Böhm
Catholic Church St. TheodorBurgsstrasse 4251103 Köln-Vingst
Paul Böhm mit
Gottfried Böhm
Cologne Central.Moschee
Subbelrather Str. 17
50823 Koeln-Ehrenfeld
gmp Gerkan, Marg & Pt.
RheinEnergie Stadion(stadium - 50.000 cap.)Aachener Str.
50933 Köln
IGUS headquarter
Spicher Str. 1a51147 Koeln-Porz
Gustav Peichl
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
(federal hall of arts)
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 4
53113 Bonn
Axel Schultes mit Bangert, Jansen, ScholzKunstmuseum Bonn
(municipal art museum)
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 253113 Bonn
Günter Behnisch
new plenarhall of German Bundestag(now part of World 
Conference Center)
Platz d. Vereinten Nationen 253113 Bonn
Helmuth Jahn
(Murphy & Jahn)
Post Tower
Platz der Deutschen Post
53113 Bonn
Joachim Schürmann
Schürmann-Bau("Deutsche Welle" base)Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 353113 Bonn
Christoph Ingenhoven
Sky Office
Kennedydamm 24
40476 Düsseldorf
Jürgen Overdiek
Stadttor 1
40219 Düsseldorf
Mies van der Rohe
Haus Lange + Haus EstersWilhelmshofallee 97
47798 Krefeld
Mies van der Rohe
Mies-van-der-Rohe Business Park
(Vereinigte Seidenwaren AG)
Hülser Straße 214
47798 Krefeld

4. energy+ housing / solardecathlon -> +ENERGIE / ENERGY+ 

Hadi Teherani in "Car&Driver" - Hamburg 1995


Gr. Central Station & van Alen's Chrysler Building


Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum - NYC


Mies van der Rohe. Seagram Building - NYC


Gottfried Böhm: Cityhall Bensberg (near Cologne)


Norman Foster: Gerling-Carée - Cologne Friesenpl.


Norman Foster's Gerling-Carée, Cologne Friesenpl.


Tadao Ando: Langen Foundation in Neuss (Hombroich)


Richard Meier: Arp Museum, Remagen (Rhine)


Peter Zumthor: Brother Klaus fieldchapel Rhineland


Fumihiko Maki - Düsseldorf Medienhafen